Art Event 1

Dorland Art Event

Amara Weber

  1. Dorland Art Festival, Dorland Art Colony annual festival for artists in the Temecula area
  2. I will remember the awesome vintage “how to ____ (paint animals, draw fish, etc.)” and Native American paint pieces.
  3. In one of the how to books they mixed water color paint and acrylic and the ending result was breathtaking. I haven’t used that combination but will try now that I have seen the beautiful results.
  4. A lot of the Native American artwork incorporated traditional Navajo symbols which gave me insight into the secretive Native American culture. It was really interesting to understand their beliefs and what each symbol represented.
  5. The event did not have good parking. It was in the mountain area so we had to practically hike to get to the location.
  6. Each artists was representing themselves and being proud of their craft and that earns a lot of respect in my opinion. To be able to showcase your personal artwork to the world, it’s something I couldn’t do. So, yes, each artist was respectable. 

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