Art Event 4

Helvetica, 1/28/13, in-class film (double art event)

Amara Weber

What I took away from this event was that typography is a big deal. Text has a lot of expression, not only in what the text reads, but the way it looks creates a large influence on the way we read it.

The film inspired me to want to discover new fonts and not to overestimate the power of simplicity.

The extreme passion people have for typography as seen througout the film definitely made me look at the bigger picture of how extremely important text design is to your work. Typography can make or break you work.

I didn’t notice any flaws that really stood out to me but if I had to say something, it would probably be what makes  a font un-noteworthy? The interviewers could have asked the interviewees this question so maybe we could not only see what fonts they do enjoy but what fonts they detest.

I learned fonts are a big deal.

I felt respect for the women in the film, Paula Scher. She was the only woman in the film. Seriously, she made me feel like a woman can be great with text design and she was witty which made me enjoy her interview. One interviewee I didn’t have as much respect for aside from his work was, Erik Spiekermann. I know that’s probably a big no-no but he knew he was great with text which made me unattracted to his character nonetheless he is an amazing typographer.

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