Art Event 5&6

Amara Weber


  1. Jewish Food Festival(double art event), 4/28/13, celebrating Jewish culture through food
  2. I will remember the different types of food that are considered Jewish. Like falafel is a middle-eastern food but it’s also a part of Jewish meal. Also, pastrami and brisket is a Jewish food and I did not know that. Jewish food like lox is uncommon in America but actually very delicious. Jewish food is an acquired taste; not everyone can enjoy a bagel smothered in cream cheese with thin slices of salmon on top. Jewish food also incorporates a lot of grain like potato latkes and falafel unlike American food where our emphasis is on the meat.
  3. I think after seeing all of the unique food combinations, it has inspired me to try and cook a little more “edgy”. Trying new and different flavors, spices, etc. may open my eyes to some incredible food combinations.
  4. I didn’t know how alike Jewish and middle eastern food were which has opened my eyes to exploring different cultural foods because you never know how close that foods can taste to your own culture food.
  5. The event was really small inside and did not have adequate signs to direct traffic and the signs for each food station were not at all evoking an emotion in me to go and try that food. Parking was scarce and there wasn’t enough seating. The food was good but could have been a little bit bigger portions.
  6. As previously stated, I learned a lot about Jewish food and it’s similarities to middle eastern food, a lot of grain is used, and just in general what Jewish food was.
  7. I didn’t actually meet the chef(s) but I did have some respect but bigger portion sizes would have made me respect the chef(s) more. J

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