Art Event 7

Amara Weber

Karen Schaffman’s Dance Class, 3/4/13

What I remember most from the event would be that dance can be all improvisation and still be pretty. During my time watching the class, dancers had some outline of choreography but for the most part they were told to improvise and it made the piece original and unique. The improvisation from the dancers helped pull out the beauty in the dance.

I think the most influential part of the dance which could/would affect my own work would be that mistakes are okay and if anything they make your work seem more real to the audience. Every line, color, move doesn’t have to be perfect because perfect is unrealistic. Mistakes are real, realism creates beauty. I guess you could also argue that the reach for perfection can also be beautiful.

I discovered that dancers do not have to fit a mold; be skinny, tall, flexible, female which changes the way I feel about dance. When I think of dance, I already have a pre-thought notion that dancers are physically and aesthetically perfect but the truth is, they don’t have to be. In my time observing the class, I saw skinny women, large women, short women, tall women, males, different ethnicities. Dance is gender, color, and “beauty” blind.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about the class.

I learned that dance doesn’t have to be for a purpose but can be an expression of your emotions.

I didn’t know any of the dancers but I have equal respect for all artists in the piece regardless of who they are aside from their work.

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