Art Event 8

Amara Weber

Title: Mountain Arts Network 

Date: February 12th. 2013

Nature of the event: An art gallery in Lake Arrowhead, CA

My most distinct memory of my visit to the Mountains Art Network was that different materials can be used to make a unique and sometimes beautiful piece of work. I think seeing wooden materials used for sculptures has influenced me to maybe step outside of my comfort zone and try to incorporate more natural elements. I found the use of wood and carving was very popular in the Lake Arrowhead area. I also say these beautiful acrylic painted animals on large rocks and pieces of granite and marble. I believe often times with paint and sculpture we often revert to basics by using color and canvas or sculpting out of clay. We often do not use our surrounding elements to create beauty such as wood. I felt a lot of respect for the little gallery because it had so many interesting pieces and I would much rather take another trip to this gallery than most I have seen in San Diego. 

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