Art Event 2&3

Rite Off Centre (double art event)

Amara Weber

  1. CSUSM Rite Off Centre play/dance performance performed by CSUSM students.
  2. What I came away with from this play was that dance is definitely an art form that is sort of underappreciated. Dance is probably one of the most difficult art forms out there and many people don’t realize how difficult it truly is, including myself.
  3. The colors were very urban and cool with some warm tones and each fabric was unique and playful. I think it has inspired me to try and incorporate more textual items into my artwork and graphics. The performance also opened my eyes to being aware of how movement can really affect your piece.
  4. I discovered that inspiration can come from anything like dance. Sometimes I think I often get sidetracked with inspiration from painters and graphic designers but dancers can also inspire; to be more aware of inspiration around me.
  5. At times, the performers were a little out of tune with the music; their body movement wasn’t going well with the music. But other than that it was a really great, inspiring event.
  6. I learned that dance is a very difficult technique but that’s what makes it so beautiful.
  7. I felt a lot of respect for the performers because it takes a lot strength to be able to dance in front 20-50 peers. It’s definitely something I struggled with as a performer myself. So I have a lot of respect for the performers, they did a great job.

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